Planetary Gearbox - Product Overview
  • Product Overview
  • Characteristics
  • Major Applications
  • Major Industries
Product Overview
  • Range
    • Power range upto 1500 KW
    • Reduction Ratio range upto 15000/1
  • What is it?
    • Compact Epicyclical train (sun, planet and Ring Gears) rotate on parallel axis to transmit power co-axially.
  • Co axial gears (Input and output shafts in the same line)
  • Very high efficiency at all ratios
  • Skilled manpower for maintenance
  • Ideal for very torque transmission
  • Very high reduction ratio possible with minimum backlash
  • Compact compared to all other types
Major Applications

Conveyors, Crystallizers, Wind mills, Elevators, Agitators, Aerators, Cranes, Yawing.

Major Industries

Construction and Equipment, Sugar, Chemical, Wind Mills, Steel Industry, Mines and Minerals


Planetary Gearboxes - Product Detail
  • Planetary Drives
  • Planetary Mill Gearbox
Planetary Drives
  • Range

    Up to 25000/1

  • Applications

    Industrial Sectors - Sugar, Steel, Paper, Cement, Chemical, Construction

  • Features

    Premium 'GP' series planetary gearboxes in single/ double/ triple/ quadruple reduction models are intended to satisfy all the requirements of a reliable drive for slow speed high torque applications. Standard range of Premium 'GP' series available in foot mounted and flange mounted versions, offer unparallel performance covering ratio graduated from 3.75/1 to 2354/1 with power ratings ranging from 0.12Kw to 1500Kw.

    Premium range of GP series planetary gearboxes and geared motors are designed, engineered and manufactured as per the standard recommendations of American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA). This catalogue contains specifications, dimensions and ratings for standard 'GP' series. Our engineers will be pleased to assist in case of unusual conditions attracting special requirements.

Planetary Mill Gearbox
  • Features

    Planet and sun gears are manufactured from high alloy steel and heat trated for case carburizing to achive optimum strength and wear resistance. Gear Profiles are ground to reduce noise level and optimized maximum root strenght and minimum sliding contact to ensure high efficiency.